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Stamp Tongs, Stamp Hinges, Perforation Gauge, Multigage, First Day Cover Sleeves, Approval Cards, Stock Cards, Mint Block File

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Regarding Stamp Hinges: Please read message at bottom of page first!

Regarding Stamp Hinges: Please read this first!
There are no longer any hinges on the market that we consider to be of good quality. We have considered dropping hinges completely because of complaints but continue to handle them as a convenience to our customers. The problem is that the quality gummed paper used years ago to make hinges is no longer available. If you do order these, be sure to lightly moisten them and allow them to dry completely before attempting to remove them from a stamp. Also, they are susceptible to curling in the package. We cannot guarantee this item and will not accept returns. Therefore, please order at your own risk. 
Prinz Stamp Hinges, pre-folded, pack of 1000  Stock #E-19

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