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Stamp Collecting supplies since 1963

In order to give you the lowest possible prices and more sizes, we have combined our stock of Scott Mounts and Prinz mounts. Both brands are identical and both are manufactured by Prinz in West Germany. Only the package brand labeling is different. Your order may be filled with Scott Mounts or Prinz Mounts labeling or a combination of the two but rest assured that they are the exact same highest quality mount. You'll even find sizes here that can't be found anywhere else! We keep a huge inventory and usually ship within one business day. Unlike other mount sellers, we are rarely out of stock on any mount.

About the mounts: The Scott/Prinz mounts consist of two sheets of polystyrol foil welded together along top and bottom, with the mount split across the backing foil for insertion of stamp. The black onyx backing (also available in clear backing) is completely opaque for brilliant and sharper framing. The face of the mount is specially diffused to prevent harsh reflections. Two layers of gum assure 100% contact.


Many of the mounts come in convenient resealable packaging, providing re-usable storage trays.


Multiple payment methods: Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card.


Satisfaction guaranteed

* FREE SHIPPING . . . on orders of $35 or more
* MORE SIZES . . . we have more sizes than any other U.S. source 
* BLACK OR CLEAR . . . most sizes available in your choice of BLACK or CLEAR 
* HUGE STOCK, IN STOCK . . . if we're out of it, so is the manufacturer!
* FAST SERVICE . . . 99%+ of orders are shipped within 1-2 business days

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