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Stamp Collector Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your prices are so low. Are these second quality mounts?
    Absolutely not! All of the mounts that we sell are of the highest quality.
  • I did find one company who advertised slightly lower prices but they "drop-shipped" their orders and charged a shipping fee. What exactly does that mean?
    Companies that "drop-ship" don't actually carry the items in inventory. Instead, they forward your order to another company which actually fills and ships your order. Often these companies don't have all the items you order (none of them have as many different sizes as we have) and you receive a partially filled order with either an "out-of-stock" excuse or a promise to back-order the product which can result in long delays, mix-ups and other problems. Meanwhile, you've paid for items that you haven't received. We carry a huge stock which ensures that the items are available to you immediately. If a mount is out of stock (very rare, and usually as a result of the manufacturer being out of stock) we post it to our web site as soon as possible. Also, we never charge your credit card until we're ready to ship your order. ​
  • I've noticed that Scott has issued some new mount sizes with stock numbers that you don't list. Are these sizes that you do not stock?
    We have them all, just with different stock numbers. We had these sizes long before Scott so we have decided to keep our stock numbers on them. We have more details and a conversion chart Just click here.
  • This is my first mount order. Should I order black or clear backgrounds?
    It's just a matter of personal choice but black background mounts are about a 10-1 favorite with collectors as black frames the stamps nicely. The people who choose clear are usually seasoned collectors who started decades ago when only clear mounts were available. For the sake of uniformity they continue to use clear mounts.
  • I received my order and some of packages are labeled "Scott Mounts®" and others are labeled "Prinz Mounts." Why is that?
    Prinz manufactures all of our mounts. Scott Mounts® are simply Prinz mounts with Scott labeling. They are identical in all respects, other than the label. In order to make sure that we don't run out of stock and that we have the most different sizes, we order from both sources. If Scott is out of a particular size we can get it from Prinz directly and vice versa. The mounts are also virtually identical to Showgard brand mounts.
  • I note that you have sizes that aren't listed by Scott, Prinz or anybody else. How is that possible?
    If Prinz or Scott doesn't stock a particular size that we think should be available, we commission Prinz to manufacture it exclusively for us. Because of our large customer base, we are able to order these in sufficient quantities that other companies just can't do.
  • Then why are your prices lower than others that I have seen?
    We specialize in mounts. Due to our large buying power, we are able to secure the lowest possible prices from our suppliers and pass the savings on to you. We also have state-of-the-art internal processing systems and shipping economies that keep our overhead as low as possible. Our prices are so low that we have several dealers who purchase directly from us. And, as icing on the cake, shipping is free on all orders of $35 or more!
  • I'm having a hard time trying to figure which size mount I need. What should I do?
    All mounts are sized by the height of the stamp, not the height of the mount. These measurements are in millimeters. So, if you have a stamp that is 36mm high, you would order the 36mm mount strip (in this case stock #928). That mount is made to hold a 36mm high stamp. If you had a stamp that is 38mm high, you would order the 39mm mount (since there is no 38mm size). Always order the size mount that matches your stamp height. If there is no match, then order the next size up. When you receive your first order from us, we include is a millimeter gauge which is part of our mount order form.
  • When you say "shipping economies" does that mean you ship by the slowest method?
    No, quite the contrary. Most mount shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail and receive 2-3 day delivery times. (Smaller shipments are sent via First Class Mail.) We are able to use Postal Service packaging which also helps cut costs. Orders are typically shipped within one business day and, as a welcome bonus for our customers, we use real postage stamps on all Priority Mail shipments and most First Class Mail shipments.. We know stamp collectors would rather receive stamps on their packages than postage meter strips!
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