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The New and Improved U.S. Specialized Multi-Gauge is the essential tool for any collector interested in U.S. stamps from the Classics through the Liberty Issue of 1954. This multi gauge now contains 12 precision measuring devices including the Specialty Perf Gauge, Grill Pattern Gauge, Grill Size Gauge, Parallel Line Millimeter Gauge, Design Size Millimeter Gauge & much more!


  • The Specialty Perf Gauge is based on the Kiusalas Specialist Gauge
  • For collectors of the Grilled Issues, there are two useful gauges: the Grill Pattern Gauge, used to determine the grill type of a stamp, and the Grill Size Gauge, which is used to determine the size of the grill
  • The Parallel Line Millimeter Gauge is used to measure the width or height of coil stamps, as well as the parallel accuracy of coil cuts and edges
  • For collectors of Flat Press/Rotary Press issues, the Design Size Millimeter Gauge will quickly measure the size of the frame design of these stamps, while the Rotary/Flat Press Gauge is the quickest way to determine what press was used to print a stamp
  • Coverage of the Vending and Affixing Machine Perforation Identifier has been expanded to include The Attleboro Stamp Co., The Brinkerhoff Co. (Types I, IIa, IIb), The Farwell Co., International Vending Machine Co. (Types I-IV), The Schermack Co. (Types I-III) and US Automatic Vending Co. (Types I-III). The Large and Small Hole Perf 10 issues of the Liberty Series can easily be distinguished using this measuring device.
  • The newly added tool is a Guide Dot Locator, which will be useful to platers and specialists interested in the US 1851-57 issues.
  • A Standard Perf Gauge, which measures to the nearest tenth of a perf
  • The Cancellation Diameter Gauge and a 240mm-long Millimeter Scale are the final three devices on the gauge.
  • The grill points in the Grill Pattern Gauge have been lightened, to allow users to better see through the gauge. This new gauge also features improved lamination that will keep the printed image from scratching off, and prevent shrinkage due to age and temperature.


U.S. Specialized Multi-Gauge (USSMG02)

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