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Just a dab and SuperSafe Stamp Lift Fluid instantly and gently lifts stamps from backing paper - even lifts hinges. Super Safe Stamp Lift Fluid also separates stamps which have stuck together. Long lasting 4 oz. bottle comes with a small brush to make application easy.



To remove stamp from backing paper dip brush in Stamp Lift Fluid and coat back of paper. Wait several seconds, then peep off. Most stamps will dry flat after inital curling.  Super Safe Stamp Lift Fluid is perfectly safe for all stamps. 


To remove stamp from hinge, use brush to apply a small dab of fluid to the hinge. Wait serval seconds then separate gently. 


To remove sheets for blacks stuck together or stuck to backing paper, saturate by pouring fluid on backing paper usin pour spout. 


Clean brush with cool water.  Then wipe dry to preserve brush.  


Super Safe Stamp Lift Fluid

$4.99 Regular Price
$3.75Sale Price
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