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2025 Scott Standard Catalogue Volume 2 (Countries C-F)

The 2025 Scott Catalogues are the 180th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues. Vol. 2A includes listings for countries of the world Cambodia through Curacao. Listings for Cyprus through F countries of the world can be found in Vol. 2B.

  • Two-Book Sets for Easier Use
  • Thousands of Value Changes
  • NEW Stamp Listings
  • Many Editorial Enhancements


Cambodia - Cameroon - Canada - Cape Verde - Caribbean Netherlands - Cayman Islands - Central African Republic - Chad - Chile - China - Christmas Island - Cocos Island - Colombia - Comoro Islands - Congo Republic - Cook Islands - Costa Rica - Croatia - Curacao - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Djibouti - Dominica - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Estonia - Ethiopia - Falkland Islands - Faroe Islands - Fiji - Finland - France - French Polynesia - French Southern & Antarctic Territory

About the Scott Catalogue

In publication since 1868, the Scott Catalogue is the recognized leader in stamp valuation guides for collectors around the world. The catalogues contain a wealth of information.

A new set of catalogues are released annually so you can stay up to date with your collection and its value.

The Scott Catalogue consists of 6 volumes, spanning the countries of the world. We’ve separated them this way because we know collectors focus on specific regions of the world.

As the amount of information we pack into each catalogue grows, so too does its weight. That’s why Volumes 1-6 each year now come in 2 parts: A and B. For example, when you order Volume 1, you will receive BOTH Volume 1A and Volume 1B.

Each annual release includes updated values and new releases. Across the entire 6-volume annual set, changes number in the tens of thousands – each year.

We also offer two Specialized editions, both of which also receive an annual release with new information and values. First is the Scott US Specialized, which focuses on the US. The second is Scott Classic (1840-1940), which covers the first century of philately.

Annual Scott Catalogue Release Schedule

Each year we release the catalogues monthly at the beginning of the following months:

Volume 1: April
Volume 2: May
Volume 3: June
Volume 4: July
Volume 5: August
Volume 6: September
Scott US Specialized: October
Scott Classic (1840-1940): November

2025 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 2 (Countries C-F)

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