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The gauge used by the Scott editorial staff to perf stamps for the Scott Catalogue has been improved. Not only is the new Scott / Linns Multi-Gauge graduated in tenths, each division is marked by thin lines to assist collectors in gauging stamps to the tenth. The Scott / Linns Multi-Gauge is a perforation gauge, cancellation gauge, zero-center ruler and millimeter ruler in one user-friendly instrument. It is also great for measuring multiples and stamps on cover!


Perforation Gauge

The perforation gauge is used to determine the perforation measurement of a stamp. Place the stamp edge you wish to measure on one of the horizontal lines on the gauge. Slide the stamp up or down the gauge until the slanted vertical lines precisely intersect with each perforation or hole on the stamp. It doesn't matter whether the lines pass through the middle of the perforation tips or the bottom of the perforation holes, so long as the alignment is the same for every perforation. To provide greater accuracy, horizontal lines from gauge 9 through gauge 13.9 have been provided on this gauge.


Cancellation Gauge

The cancellation gauge is used to measure the diameter of circular datestamps and other postal markings, hwich are traditionally measured in millimeters (mm). Place the gauge over the cancel until the cancel is centered within the concentric rings, then read the diameter in millimeters (mm).


Zero-Center Ruler

The zero-center ruler is a positioning device for drawing lines that must be centered on a page. This is a useful tool for preparing individual album pages or other detailed writeups.


Millimeter Ruler

A millimeter ruler is calibrated on this gauge for precision and accuracy.

Linn's Multi-Gauge: Perforation Gauge, Millimeter Ruler

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