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Famous Americans
Mint Complete Set $37.50

Issued in 1940, this set of 35 stamps commemorates noted Poets, Authors, Educators, Scientists, Composers, Artists and Inventors from America's past. All are in fine, very fine mint never hinged condition. Compare to nationally advertised prices of $45-$60+.

Above use Scott/Prinz mount stock #909A


Overrun Countries
Mint Complete Set

This set of 13 stamps, issued in 1943 and 1944, depicts the flags of occupied countries. You may have seen these nationally advertised for as much as $6.75.

Use Scott/Prinz mount stock #901


State Flags
Mint Sheet $27.50

Mint set of 50 singles $26.99

This colorful 1976 sheet was part of the U.S. stamp program's salute to the Bicentennial. The flags of all 50 states are pictured. Our price is about $10 lower than the typical advertised prices and remember: we pay the shipping on orders of $25.00 or more!

Use Scott/Prinz mount stock #961 for sheet or #901 for singles


State Birds
& Flowers

Mint Sheet 

Mint set of 50

A perfect companion to the State Flags sheet above, this 1982 sheet depicts the state bird and flower of all 50 states. It's a sheet that keeps getting harder to find. You may have seen it advertised for as much as $55.00. At $29.50 it's a steal!

Use Scott/Prinz mount stock #961 for sheet or #902 for singles


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